Ten good reasons to speak more than one language

Normally, when we think about the advantages of speaking another language, we always remember the same statements:

“It will help you to find a better job”
“You’ll be well prepared for the future”
“You can earn more money”

However, these reasons do not convince us at all, don’t you think?

Of course those reasons are not a lie, your curriculum vitae will look much better with many spoken and written languages. The possibilities of finding a better job or being the chosen one among other candidates are completely true. It can make the difference between you and your competitors.

Nevertheless, other languages in someone’s head give much more than that. Let’s see the main ten reasons to stop being monolingual:

1- Let’s admit it: speaking fluently another language feels good. It allows you to communicate from people around the world. You can know people from other places, make new friends, stablish new relationships and expand your social circle.

2- It helps you to access to many cultural material: music, movies, newspapers and websites that are not translated into your mother tongue.

3- You are freer! You can travel to many places without external help or guided tours… your way of thinking expands your mind and you can discover many new things by yourself.

4- Of course, you have more skills and abilities. You can read texts that other people can’t read. You can recognize the lyrics of a song or watch a movie without dubbing or subtitles.

5- You can feel very helpful and useful to others, both traveling and in your daily life.

6- You learn how to motivate yourself while studying the language, especially when it gets more difficult!

7- Your self-esteem increases thanks to the feeling of confidence that the knowledge of a new language produces.

8- Did you know that knowing another language helps to retard the symptoms of Alzheimer disease? Your brain works harder and keeps working even when you are older, and your memory improves!

9- Believe it or not, while you are studying, it helps you to learn new words and expressions of your own language!

10- And last but not least, it aims you to understand the world with different perspective. Knowing the language –the same happens when you discover the food- of a country lets you know many aspects of its culture, and those things that at first looked very strange now can actually make sense.

It is out of any doubt that learning a second, third or fourth language is indispensable. It makes easier to find a job and enhances many features of your personality. Understanding and being capable of speaking a new language can only bring positive things to you. It also makes you more intelligent, as many parts of your brain would be not working if it wasn’t for the learning process!

We hope these ten reasons motivate you to learn other languages and that you can find the time and the will power to do it. Sooner or later you will start learning a new language, so… what are you waiting for?