How I impressed a French girl with the help of a Gamelingu native speaker!

College students

So my story is unique. Sarah was “different” in our class of 40. Her skin was not the same tone as ours and, she didn’t speak the same language. I used to think she was from some other planet. Her skin shined in the morning sky and she blushed as she smiled. Oh quelle beauté! (Oh what beauty in French) This was the first line that I learnt from the native speaker I found on Emma, my native speaking coach was a quite interesting person herself. She had already learnt 10 languages by interacting with native speakers and she was going about learning a new one.

As I informed her about Sarah, her instant reaction was “Are you in love?” I blushed for the first time in my life. Not the natural pink that Sarah used to have but a somewhat pale red color some guys get when they blush. As the mode of instruction was English in my college, Sarah used to have a tough time to understand it. I thought about it as a golden opportunity to be close to her.

I thought, if I am able to make her learn English by using her native language as an example then it would be easier for her to relate to me. You know, the usual romeo stuff! But, it meant me learning a different language. I searched around for some solution but all were robotic. I learnt some words for a day and then when I used to approach her, I forgot everything. was totally different.

Emma, my native coach was my same age and so understood my feelings perfectly. We started by understanding how our cultures were similar and then different. Understand the similarity first because it is a way to make a connection. You also need to understand why the cultures are different because then you know where to draw the line. So Emma told me all about it. Also, sharing things that French women like and what they dislike. I got to understand for the first time that all French people don’t drink wine. And also that French women are comfortable to be their age. So, it’s not like they will wear “I am so young” shirt at the age of 60. Also, they don’t bother much about groomed and well-kept men. They like a little carelessness, they don’t like rules. They like to be set free. The best part was that Emma always spoke to me in French and then translated it in English if I found the words hard to digest. The friendship and fondness that I and Emma share now is priceless. Now we are friends on Facebook and also chat on WhatsApp whenever we can. Next summer she is planning to drop by to my country!

The ideas and the language tips she shared actually worked. Second date with Sarah and I can’t be happier. I am so glad that I found a friend and a guide like Emma and a platform like! It is much more than just a one-time thing. The relationship you build is life-long. It is like the AirBnB for languages :)

Signed: A Gamelingu user.

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