Sending and receiving messages

In Gamelingu, you can send and receive messages from fellow users from all over the world.

Messages can be used to practice your written language skills, or to arrange times for calls if a user is offline for example. Messaging in Gamelingu couldn’t be simpler!

To message a user;

  1. When logged into Gamelingu, click the red Send Message button next to a user
  2. In the message box that appears, type your message and click Send

View Sent & Received Messages

You can access your previous conversations, reply and send additional messages easily too.

  1. Click Messages from the left menu
  2. Select a conversation
  3. Type in your message and click the Send button

Unread Messages

Unread messages are displayed as a notification in the top right of Gamelingu and are indicated with a closed envelope and the number of unread messages. Simply click there to be taken straight to the messages section.

Using Gamelingu - Send Message 1

Using Gamelingu - Send Message 2

Using Gamelingu - Send Message 3

Using Gamelingu - Send Message 4

Using Gamelingu - Send Message 5