Making and receiving calls

Gamelingu allows you to have conversations with people from all over the world to better your language skills.

A fundamental part of this is conversing directly in a different language, speaking and listening, and gaining real-time feedback on how you can improve. Gamelingu makes this as easy as clicking a button! You simply start a call with a connected user.

To start a call;

  1. When logged into Gamelingu, find an online user with a language you’d like to learn
  2. Click the green Call button to show the call options
  3. Using the dropdowns, select what language you can teach the other Gamelingu user and what language you would like to learn
  4. When you’ve made your selection, click the green Call button
  5. The other user will receive a popup notification immediately with the details of the language you can teach and would like to learn. They can proceed to accept the call by pressing Yes, or can decline it by pressing No. Your call request needs to be answered within 30 seconds, if it isn’t, the other user will receive a notification with the option to call you back.
  6. Once accepted you can both see, hear, and write to each other and begin conversing together.
  7. For added fun and to ensure you each get equal amount of time to learn each others language, you can use the timer at the top right of the screen. By default this is set at 60 seconds but can be changed by pressing the cog symbol. This will cycle through each language that you previously selected, meaning you can practice 5 minutes of French with your partner, then proceed to teach 5 minutes of English, before returning to French again for example.
  8. To end the call, simply navigate away from the page by clicking on any other button in Gamelingu or closing the page.

Enjoy! And best of luck learning your new language!

Using Gamelingu - Calling 1

Using Gamelingu - Calling 2

Using Gamelingu - Calling 3

Using Gamelingu - Calling 4

Using Gamelingu - Calling 5

Using Gamelingu - Calling 6

Using Gamelingu - Calling 7