Following and unfollowing user

In Gamelingu, you can follow fellow users. Following users allows you to quickly see how they are progressing with their languages, as well as quickly and easily see their online status, send them a message and call them.

This can be really useful if you find conversations with a specific person in particular helpful towards when learning or teaching a language.

To follow a user;

  1. Log into Gamelingu and view the Search People results
  2. Click the yellow Follow icon towards the bottom of their contact card
  3. If viewing a users profile, you can also click the yellow Follow icon below their picture

To view Gamelingu users you are following, simply click Follows from the main left menu. All the users you are following will be listed there.

Using Gamelingu - Follow 1

Using Gamelingu - Follow 2

Using Gamelingu - Follow 3

To unfollow a user;

  1. Click Follows from the main left menu
  2. Click the grey Unfollow icon towards the bottom right of their contact card
  3. They will now no longer appear in your Follows section

Using Gamelingu - Unfollow 1

Using Gamelingu - Unfollow 2