Changing my Gamelingu email preferences

When a Gamelingu messages you but your offline, by default Gamelingu will send you an email letting you know you’ve got a message. You can turn this option on and off simply by updating your email preferences.

To change your email preferences in Gamelingu, just follow these steps;

  1. When logged into Gamelingu, click My Account from the left menu
  2. From this page, scroll down to the Notifications section
  3. Using the tickbox labelled Receive emails on new messages when I’m disconnected, untick this to stop receiving email notification about messages when you are offline, or tick this to start receiving message notifications when you’re offline
  4. Click Save

Your email notification preferences are immediately saved. If you’ve unticked the option for email notifications, when you next log in to Gamelingu you’ll have all your unread messages displayed as a notification in the top left of your screen.

My Account - Change Email Pref 1

My Account - Change Email Pref 2

My Account - Change Email Pref 3